Online long distance dating tips great questions for dating couples

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One thing is clear though— it's never easy to keep a long-distance relationship afloat, and it can often take extra finesse to keep the spark alive.To hear some tips on how to weather the pitfalls of a long-distance romance, we asked Dr.

Research shows that people who are able to meet each other's needs (or bids for attention) are the ones who stay together the longest.After looking over much of the research on the subject and speaking with her, the following dating tips appear to be key: Overall, if you follow these dating tips, your long distance relationship will be a blessed and exciting experience even if the dating relationship ends.Are you a single Christian who has been or is in a long distance relationship?As a matter of fact, I currently have a friend who met a guy through an online Christian dating service, and they have been in a long distance relationship for the past two years.He lives in New Hampshire while she calls New Jersey her home.

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